Who doesn’t like a good comfortable hoodie? They have become the ultimate casual pullover for people of all ages. You see them everywhere, and even athletes are using them for a wide variety of outdoor sporting activities.

hoodie color choices are endlessNowadays, they come in an almost endless variety of colors. And one of the favorite benefits for consumers is being able to customize even further by adding an embroidered message or logo!

You might remember that, back in the 1970s, pullovers became super popular among sports fans. Popular teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins sold millions of units to fans who rooted for the team and/or attended outdoor football games in cold-weather.

In fact, pullovers became so popular that sales within the coat industry dropped substantially. People preferred shedding the bulk of the coat, and the inconvenience of having to find a place to hang it when you when indoors, for the comfort and everywhere-ability of the cotton pullover.

It Turns out the Pullover Was Not Enough

Over time, people decided that the pullover had one important drawback. If the weather was inclement, or just extremely cold, the collar of a pullover would let a lot of body heat escape. And for sure, it allowed a lot of moisture to get inside.

Manufacturers began adding hoods to the pullover. Those hoods allowed someone to cover their head, which is super important for holding and heat because the head allow so much of it to escape naturally. It can keep your hair dry when the snow or rain is pounding down, and an adjustable drawstring allows you to block out uncomfortable wind.

One other key development was the addition of the kangaroo pouch. Because people were using these to get around, it became clear that more convenient was necessary. The pouch gives you an opportunity to carry frequently used items like wallets or IDs, car keys etc.

Selecting the Right Fabric

While cotton is celebrated for its breathability, it’s not as comfortable in athletic activity as a lot of polyester-based garments. If you need wide range of motion, you’ll probably want a durable cotton poly blend instead.

These are far more breathable today than they used to be, and far more longer-lasting too. Companies like Nike and Under Armour are constantly creating evolved products, many of which are in the hoodie space. These can be great for high-performance athletic activity, and they look good worn in a variety of settings also.

Where to Shop

Online stores will allow you to find great custom cheap hoodies. You have a number of options for deciding what you want on either the chest or the back, and many outlets will allow you to supply your own art. This can be either turned into a screenprint appliqué or even a high-quality embroidered pattern.

The one downside with ordering online is making sure you pick the right size. Depending on where the manufacturer is located, and the prevailing size of people where they are, you could buy something that fits way different than the size normally does if you buy it locally.

For this reason, we suggest buying from outlets who publish consumer reviews. Consumers will tell you if size patterns are problematic, and they will also weigh in on the final quality of the product. This can help you avoid wasting a lot of money buying from less than reputable retailers or manufacturers who don’t put an emphasis on customer satisfaction.